Reflection by Geovanni

I saw the way she looked at him, as if I wasn’t standing right there. 

Watching her gaze as she looked past me to see him move behind her, planting a kiss on her neck. The warmth it gave showed through her smile, as if that made the moment all the sweeter. 

She rushed to get herself ready as I stared at her, waiting for our eyes to connect, but they never did. She fixed her hair and checked her outfit but never did she look at me. 

Months passed, and the routine was the same. 

I’d stare, and she’d look past me at him, yet the vibes slowly began to change. The leaves grew tired of being bright, the room grew colder, and he stopped giving her a kiss. The leaves fell, her smile erased, and she stopped having someone to gaze at. My vision grew blurry, yet she still didn’t bother to see me. 

Why wouldn’t she look at me? 

Did I cause the pain that she bore? 

Did I remind her of her flaws that she didn’t want to face? 

What was it? 

Why couldn’t she see that I never left, even though the leaves fell and the room grew cold? 

Why couldn’t she see that I offered more than a temporary kiss from lips that lied?

Why couldn’t she see 


Why couldn’t she see 


She was broken, but I wasn’t. 

One day she’ll look up and see the beauty that I’ve seen all along.

2 thoughts on “Reflection by Geovanni

  1. Oh my gosh — so the first person narrative is from her mirror, right? looking back at her? Like, a self love in a way — the girl needs to look back at herself but she refuses because she can’t see her own beauty? I hope that I’m hitting close. Wow, what a cool read that really invites the reader to speculate and give the piece a reread. This was good!


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